Hungarian Shared Services & Outsourcing Insights
360° view about the Hungarian shared services market

About the survey

Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency together with its professional partners EY and GWS HUB aim to prepare a market analysis about the Hungarian shared services sector. Shared Services and Outsourcing Insights will be a unique 360° view about the sector because it will not only include answers coming company executives but will also feature opinions from employees currently working in shared services.
Our goal is to gain representative and accurate information regarding actual market data, current issues and trends, know-how and motivation factors.

The survey is connected to the Shared Services Gala planned to be organized in autumn 2017, where awards will be decided based on the results of the Shared Services and Outsourcing Insights.



Who can fill out?

The goal of the survey is to have the largest possible coverage of the Hungarian SSC industry to make sure the collected information is as accurate as possible. Thus any company operating in the shared service industry (including outsourcing companies) can fill out the survey. Moreover in order to reach 360 degree, we are keen to receive opinions regarding live in SSC’s by asking current employees separately. To this end, we ask a few information specific to your SSC for validation reasons, but we’ll not give out or use any personally identifiable information and we will only process information in bulk. So feel free to be open and honest not just about the negatives, but about the positives, too.
Based on the above, we have created two sub surveys:

  • general survey for SSC employees;
  • specialized survey for SSC company leadership.

Launch the Survey

SSC Company Survey

This survey asks about overall company specifics typically the SSC leadership knows about. The SSC Company Survey has a limited number of questions in a focused manner for the top leaders of SSC companies in Hungary. If you are intended to fill this out, chances are you received an invite already. If you haven’t or if it landed in your spam folder but you feel you are meant to fill this survey, please click the below link to request access.

Request Invitation

SSC Employee Survey

The SSC Employee Survey is available for everyone currently working in captive or outsourced shared services. The survey covers a wide variety of questions from every walk of a shared service organization. The estimated completion time of the SSC Employee Survey is 10-15 minutes, and the surface is mobile friendly. Please click on the button below to start the survey after being redirected to the survey page.



  • SSC After-Hours
    7 June, 2017 (Wednesday)
    Bazaar Restaurant Eclectica
  • SSC After-Hours

    7 June, 2017 (Wednesday)
    5pm – 7pm
    Bazaar Restaurant Eclectica
    1013 Budapest, Ybl Miklós tér 2-6.
    (Öntőház court)
    Dress code:
    business casual
  • Hungarian Shared Services Gala 2017
    Q3 / 2017
  • Coming soon...


The SSC industry has a strategic role in the Hungarian economy.

Outstanding results are acknowledged and rewarded every year by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and HIPA.

Award categories of 2017 will be announced soon.

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